Club Registration 2019


By clicking the submit button below the club agrees to the following rules:

6.1 To abide by the rules and policies of FISS.
6.2 Is committed to providing a welcoming, well structured and safe club environment.
6.3 Is committed to participating in and providing appropriate types of competition for its members.
6.4 Is committed to helping skaters develop and achieve their potential, using qualified coaches and will adopt a positive approach to coaches and coach development.
6.5 Agrees to implement clear and effective welfare, grievance and disciplinary procedures.
6.6 Is committed to engage and support FISS initiatives where appropriate.
6.7 Agrees to inform club members of Annual General Meetings and present accounts.
6.8 Agrees to be liable for any costs incurred by FISS in relation to cancelling a race meeting being hosted by the club. These costs will be payable within 30 days of a nofication (written or email).
Every club is required to submit the following documents at least every three years.
Please conifrm that you have submitted your clubs docoments in the last two years or upload the current versions
Please select from the following payment methods (£75).
Please ensure cheques are payable to "Federation of Inline Speed Skating Ltd." and post to:
FISS Head Office, 145 Western Road, Mickleover, Derby, DE3 9GR
Bank Acoount:37946760 Sort Code: 77 85 50
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